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There are some books available in English. You can order them here via email but at Amazon there it might be possible without postage. The covers are linked to the Amazon-pages.

Wilko Müller Jr.: Into the Electric Castle

Arjen A. Lucassen is the man behind the music-project of „Ayreon“ and other prog-rock enterprises. His space opera „Into The Electric Castle“ inspired the German science fiction writer Wilko Müller jr. to a story. He stayed very close to the original action of the music and the texts of the booklet, but added a few thoughts and descriptions of his own.

At Amazon 4,10 € as printed book. An Ebook is available too.

Wilko Müller Jr.: Twist

From a strange phenomenon in a CERN experiment, the physicist Dr. Mayfield developes a new theory about dark energy. This soon results in a surprising and world-changing possible application. In the age of global warming, the discovery seems to come just in time.
But not everyone wants life to change so radically. As if that isn‘t enough, while exploring Mayfield‘s discovery, they come across something even more fantastic: the twister.
Can Mayfield realize his plans against the opposition of powerful business interests?

At Amazon 9,82 € as printed book. An Ebook is available too.

Wilko Müller Jr.: The last Timerunner

On Cyprus, the successful publisher Martin W. Melnik unexpectedly finds his own past again and is recruited into the fight for the future of humanity. Secrets that he consciously banished from his mind many years ago could help to find a way out of the impending climate apocalypse. But there are forces that don‘t want that at all and would rather plunge the world into a new Middle East war that could easily turn into a nuclear Third World War.
What begins as a declaration of love for the holiday destination of Cyprus ultimately becomes an exciting battle for the survival of our civilization.

At Amazon 10,00 € as printed book. An Ebook is available too.

Wilko Müller Jr. & Renald Mienert: The Timerunners

(coming soon)